50 things to do from pregnancy to the 1st year with your baby – PART TWO

Last week we published a blog post giving new mums plenty of advice and tips that will see them through pregnancy to the first year with baby. We published tips number 1 – 12 from our series of 50. Today we’re publishing 11 more tips! There are still more to come, so check back soon!

Click here to view tips 1 – 12 if you missed them last week!

13. Baby and music:

Babies love to be sung to, so have a gentle cd in the car for when they are awake.  Singing is a good stress reliever too! I had a play list of gentle songs for my daughter that I’d listened to whilst pregnant, and miraculously it always sent her to sleep!

14.  Night lights:

When baby wakes for a night feed, get into the routine of just having a night light on, and only changing nappies if necessary.  This keeps them in sleep mode and helps to get them into a sleep routine.

15.  Baby sleeping bags:

When baby gets older, a sleeping bag is brilliant as it stops the inevitable kicked off covers that happens once baby can move around.  Believe me, these wonderful things will give everyone a better nights sleep, all of mine have had these.

Did you know: some of our luxury baby hampers contain Gro Company baby sleeping bags?

16. Local baby groups:

Join a local baby group, it helps you to meet up with other mums in the area and gets you out of the house.  You get the opportunity to socialise and as baby grows, it will help their social interaction too.

17. Donate baby clothing to charity:

Give your smallest baby grows to the local neo-natal unit, they get through so many baby grows and they are always looking for small clothes!

18.  Grandparents:

Get grandparents involved! You may be reluctant to let baby out of your sight, but even just a few hours away with your partner will help you get a bit of yourself back, and that is really important for your own benefit, and your relationship.

19.  Tummy time:

Give baby some “tummy time” – stay with baby while they have ten minutes on their tummy, it will help with head lag, help to make their neck stronger and give them a different perspective of their environment (they are used to looking at the ceiling remember).

20.  Summer supplies:

Don’t forget sunscreen and a hat in the summer, babys burn very quickly, even in half an hour, so make sure you’re vigilant!

21:  Travel buggies:

Invest in a travel buggy, they are fairly inexpensive and fold up so small.  They are perfect for holidays, especially where space is an issue.

22. Weaning:

When its time to wean, be adventurous! Adding sweet potatoes and butternut squash to veg dishes really excites the meal, makes it more enjoyable and variety of food will keep baby interested.  Try lots of different foods: add mango and other yummy fruits to yoghurts once they are 6 months to make the whole weaning experience exciting for both of you!

23.  Baby led weaning:

As soon as baby is sitting up in a high chair, you can let them feed themselves.  Baby led weaning is a great way of teaching your child portion control, and it will give them independence.

24.  Food baby can’t have:

Remember not to add any sugar or salt to baby’s food.  Honey also cannot be given to baby during his or her year.

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